Ad­dic­tion the­ra­py du­ring a pan­de­mic?

Wit­hout su­per­vi­sed uri­ne collec­tion?

No pro­blem. 

Thanks to the Ru­ma® Di­gi­tal-Sys­tem.

Optimal support in addiction therapy:
15 years of experience helped us develop the Ruma® Digital-System
Urine testing independent of location or appointment
Complete infection protection
Securing patient care
Manipulation-proof urine sample collection
Relief for your medical staff

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Ru­ma® Di­gi­tal-Sys­tem

Lo­ca­ti­on in­de­pen­dent uri­ne scree­ning


Wit­hout an ap­point­ment - any time! 

Ru­ma® Cap­su­le

The next ge­ne­ra­ti­on of the Mar­ker-Sys­tem.

Ru­ma® Clas­sic

The re­lia­ble al­ter­na­ti­ve to con­ven­tio­nal di­rect ob­ser­va­ti­on

Di­rect ob­ser­va­ti­on vs. Ru­ma® Mar­ker-Sys­tem

Why this evil is no lon­ger ne­cess­a­ry.

Ma­ni­pu­la­ti­on? Nice try!

The sci­ence be­hind ma­ni­pu­la­ti­on at­tempts and their de­tec­tion.

Sci­en­ti­fic pa­pers

Ex­cerpts and links

Blood - Saliva - Urine

Which matrix is capable of what?


Webinars and training

on all relevant issues regarding urine screening

Ru­ma® Di­gi­tal Sys­tem & Ruma® Digital System Pro

For the patients:

Ru­ma® Di­gi­tal Sys­tem

The patient downloads the Ruma app to their smartphone. The physician needs to activate the app to ensure proper operation. Data processing is done in a blockchain and thus satifies the highest requirements regarding data protection and safety.


Please note:

Ruma® Digital System and Ruma® Digital System Pro work hand in hand. Only a user of Ruma® Digital System Pro, meaning for example your treating physician, can activate Ruma Digital System for you and assign markers to you.

For the medical office:
Ru­ma® Di­gi­tal Sys­tem Pro


The Ruma® Digital System provides the physician with a closed telemedical infrastructure that is easy to implement without much technical know how. Documentation and validation of marker intake is done digitally and thus allows reliable adherence confirmation.