About Us

From Idea to Busi­ness

Uri­ne tests are at the sa­me time im­por­tant tool and ne­cess­a­ry evil in many areas. In eve­ry con­text whe­re in­for­ma­ti­on on con­su­mer be­ha­vi­or re­gar­ding drugs, al­co­hol or per­for­mance en­han­cing sub­s­tan­ces is re­qui­red, uri­ne is used as an ea­si­ly ob­tai­n­a­ble ma­trix for ana­ly­sis.


But even though uri­ne can be collec­ted ea­si­ly and wit­hout in­ter­fe­rence with phy­si­cal in­te­gri­ty - it is al­so ea­si­ly ma­ni­pu­la­ted. Ob­ser­va­ti­on du­ring uri­ne sam­ple collec­tion is sup­po­sed to en­su­re at least that the right uri­ne sam­ple is ana­ly­zed and not one that may have be­en se­cret­ly sub­sti­tu­ted by the re­spec­ti­ve test sub­ject.


Neither users nor experts deny that this situation is decidedly unsatisfactory. Direct observation is degrading for all involved and its actual value in terms of result reliability is rather low.

That's the reason why we founded a company that is entirely focussed on solving this central problem with pooled expertise and scientific work. In 2006 already Ruma GmbH has developed a procedure that ensures ensures the identity and the quality of the respective urine sample without invasion of privacy: the Ruma Marker-System.


For now more than 15 years the Ruma Marker-System serves physicians, psychologists, correctional staff, probation officers and, of course, patients and test subjects in therapy, detox and work place testing with verified and reproducible analytical results and smoother workflows.


The Ru­ma Mar­ker-Sys­tem is ea­sy to use and un­ri­val­led in terms of re­sults. Against the back­drop of our many ye­ars of ex­pe­ri­ence and on the ba­sis of con­ti­nuing sci­en­ti­fic stu­dies it is our aim to sup­port you and your im­por­tant work with re­lia­ble, non­in­va­si­ve uri­ne tes­ting.


With innovation as our core value we did our utmost to improve the Ruma Marker-System. 

Under the scientific management of Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Ruprecht Keller we continuously broadened and augmented the procedure. The success of our work is reflected in a vast number of recommendations, guidelines, verdicts and ministerial directives that, today, all acknowledge urine marking as equivalent to direct observation or even grant significant superiority to the Ruma Marker-System.


In order to meet the needs of our users we have developed the convenient Ruma Capsule as an alternative to the tried and tested liquid marker Ruma Classic

The highly sensitive LC-MS/MS method used for capsule analysis makes it possible to analyze the sample for the applied markr and a broad range of substances at the same time.

In another groundbreaking development Ruma GmbH has transferred the analog procedure of urine marking into the digital world. The certified medical device Ruma Digital-System (Pro) uses blockchain technology to link physician and patient through an app. In combination with the Ruma Capsule this makes it possible for the very first time to collect urine samples freely and entirely independent of location but still securely and verifiably marked.

Reliability in accordance with European standard

For Ruma GmbH, the quality of our products and services is a matter of utmost importance. Certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 we put greatest emphasis on dilligence and care in all aspects of our work. As manufacturers of medical devices under the terms of (EU) 2017/745 we maintain risk management as per ISO 14971:2019 and protect our systems and the information of our customers using the tools of ISO 27001:2018.