The tried and tested Ru­ma Mar­ker-Sys­tem - now availa­ble as cap­su­le!

Ap­pli­ca­ti­on of the Ru­ma® Mar­ker-Sys­tem by the ex­ample of the Ru­ma® cap­su­le

We de­ve­lo­ped the cap­su­le as an al­ter­na­ti­ve ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on form for the well-known Ru­ma® mar­ker sub­s­tan­ces. In add­ti­on to the es­ta­blis­hed PEGs it con­tai­nes the co­lorant Bril­li­ant Blue. If the cap­su­le re­mains in the mouth too long, e.g. for the pur­po­se of ma­ni­pu­la­ti­on, it dis­sol­ves and re­leases the dye: the mouth ca­vi­ty turns blue. This makes oral ca­vi­ty che­cking much ea­si­er and the­re's no need to add su­gar as is do­ne with the li­quid mar­kers.

Brilliant Blue is a harmless food additive that is used in many products such as cakes, ice cream but also mouthwasch and gel toothpaste. The colorant is excreted without being digested and it does not have any effect on the color of urine.



Specifically designed for the new application Ruma® Digital System/Pro - Marker for take out

Clean, easy to use, no further preparation required for immediate application.


Ideally suited for location independent marker testing the Ruma® capsule also has many advantages when usee on site.

  • Preparing a suitable beverage is no longer necessary. A glass of water of approx. 100 mL/3.5 oz is enough. 
  • Adding sugar is no longer necessary. Where previously the sugar confirmed that the marker solution was actually swallowed and not spat into somebody else's urine, now the blue colorant establishes the attempt to hide the marker e.g. in the cheek pouch. This prevents transferring the capsule into sombody else's urine.
  • Brilliant Blue makes oral cavity checking easy and efficient.


Ab­so­lutely reliable


We had the new form of administration scientifically tested. The study on urine kinetics confirms that here as well the markers are detected in the lab 100% and can be matched to the patient 100%. The waiting period until the urine can be collected is 60 minutes for the capsule.


You can download the complete study results here.


Location independent thanks to the app


Please note that capsule intake within your facility needs to be supervised.


Only in combination with Ruma® Digital System/Pro you can make sure with location independent intake that the right person ingests the marker capsule assigned to them.