The Ruma Marker-System in MAT and Therapy

The Ruma Marker-System is the ideal companion in all areas of addiction therapy. The physicians will get reliable answers for a wide spectrum of important questions without the restraints and inadequacies of conventional supervision:


  • What is the truth about the actual drug use of my patients?
  • Do they stick to their therapy?
  • Is there concomitant use?
  • Do they take more or less drugs?

Without having to worry about swapped or manipulated urine samples therapy progress becomes more reliable and even more measurable. Plus, the Ruma Marker-System offers specific benefits for the various areas of addiction therapy.

The German lawmakers have imposed strict conditions for drug substitution therapy with the Prescription Regulations for Narcotics (BtMVV). It states

§ 5 Prescription for substitution

(2) The physician may prescribe a substitution substance for a patient under the conditions of Article 13 (1) of the Narcotics Act, if and as long as 
4. The tests and findings by the physician did not lead to any conclusions that the patient 
c) needs substances, whereby its consumption endangers the purpose of substitution with regard to scope and quantity or
d) that the substitution substance prescribed by him is used improperly,


Section 8 also states
Prescription in accordance with Clause 4 is not permissible, if the tests and findings by the physician lead to a conclusion that the patient 
1. Consumes substances, which may endanger the intake of substitution substance,
2. Has not been set for a stable dosage taking tolerance limits into consideration or
3. Abuses the prescribed substances.

Due to these legal regulations, the physician providing substitution therapy is required to check his patients for possible abuse.
Conventional direct observation often leads to significant problems in clinical practice.

The Mar­ker makes your life ea­si­er

The si­tua­ti­on in cli­ni­cal prac­ti­ce is vast­ly im­pro­ved due to the lack of vi­su­al con­t­rol:

  • The or­ga­ni­za­tio­nal re­qui­re­ments are less, be­cau­se tes­ting does not re­qui­re sa­me-sex ob­ser­va­ti­on on the toi­let.
  • Dis­cus­sions or dis­pu­tes with the pa­ti­ents are pre­ven­ted.
  • Re­lia­ble and safe re­sults ta­ke the stress away from doc­tor-pa­ti­ent re­la­ti­on­ship and of­fer a so­lid ba­sis for safe the­ra­py.


Please note that, within the German health care system, we process billing for laboratory referrals regarding MAT ourselves directly with the statutory health insurance. Therefore, the Ruma Marker-System is cost-neutral for German medical offices that provide MAT services.

In The­ra­py and Detox

Urine tests are also regularly used in detoxification and therapeutic facilities. Such facilities are not required by the lawmakers to test for continued abuse; however urine tests offer important information about the course of therapy in this domain as well.

Various studies have scientifically explored the practical use of the Ruma Marker-System and its influence on users and patients and reached the following conclusions:

  • The Ru­ma Mar­ker-Sys­tem im­proves the­ra­py ad­he­rence and thus leads to im­pro­ved chan­ces of suc­cess. Why should I ma­ni­pu­la­te when I will be caught any­way?


  • The Ru­ma Mar­ker-Sys­tem im­proves doc­tor-pa­ti­ent re­la­ti­on­ship, be­cau­se the re­la­ti­on­ship of trust is not im­pac­ted by de­gra­ding di­rect ob­ser­va­ti­on. This has a po­si­ti­ve ef­fect on in­ten­si­ty and ho­nes­ty in the­ra­peu­tic ca­re.


  • The Ru­ma Mar­ker-Sys­tem saves time - ac­cording to the stu­dy 'Uri­ne La­bel­ling Mar­ker Sys­tem for Drug Tes­ting Im­proves Com­pli­an­ce' by Dr. Si­mo­jo­ki und Prof. Al­ho, the­re is up to 50% im­pro­vement when com­pa­red to con­ven­tio­nal di­rect ob­ser­va­ti­on. And, as the ada­ge goes, time is mo­ney!


  • Pa­ti­ent sa­tis­fac­tion and em­ployee sa­tis­fac­tion im­proves si­gni­fi­cant­ly. Re­mo­ving the po­ten­ti­al for con­flict that co­mes with di­rect ob­ser­va­ti­on re­la­xes the si­tua­ti­on for all par­ties in­vol­ved.

In Specialty Clinics and Psychiatric Hospitals

The Ruma Marker-System can be integrated comfortably into the existing processes in specialty clinics and psychiatric institutions and helps in making daily life more relaxed and safeer for patients and care givers. The fact that the results of a drug test don't have to be questioned – neither by the physician nor by the patient – creates space for trust and thus supports the therapy.

Also, the way that the marker substances pass the body allows patients to experience their own body functions in a a more normal and more natural form: Once taken, the marker remains in the urine unchanged until it is excreted. For the patients this means that they can go to the bathroom after the waiting period of 40 minutes at their own convenience - without pressure by strict time tables or waiting staff members. Just administer the marker in the evening and hand out a urine cup when the patient goes to his or her room. This way they are all set when they need to urinate during the night or in the morning.